Archeological site San Andrés

photo by: omar carbonero


At 32 Km. From San Salvador, and only 3 Km. Away from Joya de Cerén, you will find this ceremonial archaeological site. San Andrés constituted a regional regidor, ceremonial and administrative center between the years 600 to 900 D.C. There is a work of indigo that dates from the colonial time and that was buried by the eruption of the Volcano Playón in the year of 1658 D.C. It has been a place of important discoveries, among them, a religious scepter elaborated in flint as well as skulls with dental inlays. In addition, it is an obrail of indigo that goes back to the time of the colony that was buried in the year 1685 of. From C. by the eruption of the volcano Playon.

The complex has an area of approximately 35 hectares being one of the largest pre-Hispanic centers in El Salvador.

San Andrés visiting schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

by: Rutas de El Salvador




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