Coffee Route

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About the Coffee Route

The Coffee Route is a range of options for the visitor to know the coffee culture in El Salvador. The different activities in the coffee-growing areas include the one that can participate according to the time of year, in the process of harvesting and harvesting the grain, selecting for drying and toasting, processing and finishing enjoying a cup of coffee. Best international quality.

In the country, Arabica coffee is grown, in the varieties and commercial selections: Bourbon, Tekisic, Pacas, Pacamara, Catisic, Catuai Rojo, of these, the Bourbón and the Pacas cover the majority of the coffee area of the country. Most of the coffee is cultivated in measure and strict height, between the 900 and more than 1600 meters on the level of the sea. The excellence of Salvadoran coffee is influenced by the agricultural practices employed, the artisanal method of production, the characteristic of soils of volcanic origin and the commitment for the quality of the producers in each one of the stages of the process.

This interesting journey through the coffee trails will also take you to enjoy other tourist resources in the destinations that includes the route where you can do for example hiking on the trails with captivating scenery in a landscape of pure air, extreme sports in the woods Of coffee, to enjoy with incredible views having as background Lake of Coatepeque and the Volcano of Izalco among others, sighting of birds in natural areas, crafts, unique gastronomy and variety of hotels where you will attend you with the warmth that characterizes our people.

by: Finca San Antonio

Images of the route

Map of the route


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