San Antonio Country House


San Antonio Country House started in Chalchuapa in 1873. It is a family country house that has passed from generation to generation for more than two centuries, through which we want to show our national and international visitors more about our history and to provide a unique experience where they can find a variety of recreational activities, handicrafts workshops, hiking, and museum where you can find history about our culture, the delight of our coffee and the best of all the tenement and the affection of our people.

In San Antonio Country House, we offer hiking tours for groups of 20 or 25 people where they can appreciate the history and to know more about the Mayan cultura of the zone. You will find six archaeological mounds, older than Tazumal. At the same time, it is the biggest pyramid of El Salvador where you can hike and see El Chingo Volcano and La Olla Hill. We have greenhouses and fruit gardens where you can admire the beauty of nature and fauna of the place as well as colonial sites older than 600 years full of history. We also offer photography tours for those beauty nature lovers.





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