Cathedral of Santa Ana

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Words fall short in describing this architectural gem. However, we hope to do justice to this imposing and symbolic place. The Cathedral of Santa Ana, more than an infrastructure, is a special place that keeps the culture and the religiosity of a town.

According to the story, in the same place where the Gothic – Byzantine – style building now stands, the central parish was built between 1575 and 1576, but it was half – destroyed by lightning in the 19th century.

After the creation of the Diocese of Santa Ana, preparations were made to renovate the church structure, which was completed in January 1906. Construction work continued until 1959, when the marble altar was incorporated Image of the Lady of Santa Ana, patron saint of the place.

In 1913 a Saint Anne was consecrated as the “Patroness of Difficult Births”, which is why today some women who are about to give a light are entrusted to their intercession. In addition, many mothers go to Ms. Santa Ana to introduce their babies, 40 days after birth.

The Cathedral of Santa Ana has the figure of Latin cross, with three naves. A central, 22 meters long and 22 meters wide, and the aisles are two meters long and eight meters wide. There are four confessionals made of wood, as well as benches and 51 beautiful lamps.

The church houses 28 images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, San Roque, the Child Jesus of Prague, San Blas, San Judas Tadeo, among others.

The six church bells were brought in 1949 from the Netherlands, on the European continent. They are evenly distributed between the north tower, which are manually activated, and those of the tower above, which operate by the electronic system. These bells were named as Joaquina, María and Ana.

Faith, fun and devotion

The feasts in honor of Our Lady of Santa Ana take place from the 17th to the 26th of July. At that time, the fun blends in with faith and the “Brunette City” are revisited for color, joy, music and religious and cultural events. In these days it is common to see a large influx of parishioners of all ages, who arrive from anywhere in the country.

Throughout the year, this cathedral is constantly visited by national and international tourists, who are captivated by the magnificence transmitted by this church.

In addition, hikers can appreciate the beautiful historic center of Santa Ana, located in front of the church. In this is the Liberty Park, surrounded by the main buildings of the city, among which stand out the Mayor’s Office, the Theater, the Arts Center of the West and the Santaneco Casino.

These incredible infrastructures offer the beauty of buildings rich in history, beauty and culture.

How to get

If you drive by car and come from San Salvador, take the Panamerican Highway in the direction of Santa Ana, which is properly signposted along the way. When arriving at the entrance of Santa Ana, head to Avenida Independencia.

The Cathedral is in front of the Libertad Park and one side of the National Theater of Santa Ana.

If you are traveling by public transport. From San Salvador to Santa Ana take Route 201 in the Western Terminal and in Santa Ana take route 51.




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