The Flowers Route

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About The Flowers Route

It is a route that includes 6 cities: Nahuizalco, Salcoatitan, Juayua, Apaneca, Ataco and Tacuba, all these cities with a lot of cultural and historical tradition, an area of natural attractions, excellent climate and beautiful landscapes.

Chorros de La Calera JuayuaConception of AtacoLaguna Verde in Apaneca

Beautiful city located 70 Kms from the Capital with a strong presence of indigenous population, a colonial church built in Century XVII, Its economic patrimony is based on its developed artisan industry of the natural fibers like; Wood, Wicker, Tule, Henequen, Visit the Artisan Development Center to learn about the creativity and beauty of these works.

City of Artists has art galleries, and permanent exhibitions, Located at 1045 masl, enjoy typical food in its central plaza and admire its recently rebuilt colonial style church.

Its name means “Río de Orquideas Moradas”, purchase beautiful plants in its nurseries, enjoy its traditional Gastronomic fair that is held every weekend, visit its beautiful waterfalls of pure waters and beautiful ecological environment, savor Gourmet coffee in its benefits of coffee.

It is the city located to greater height; 1477 msnm apx. Cradle of the best cafes in the world, in its understanding is a very important archaeological site, it is the scene of exciting adventure tourism activities, such as: Canopys, motorcycle tour, buggies, walks, camping etc.

Charming colonial town with a smell of old town, cobblestone streets, colonial church, surrounded by coffee plantations and decorated constantly by the mist, appreciate the elaboration of textiles in their yarn workshops that still work with handcrafted machines. Listen to folk music in its central plaza on weekend evenings sipping drinks and typical dishes.

Colorful murals, picturesque cafes, thermal paradises and much culture and history offers this warm city that awaits you with open arms.

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