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This route has been named in this way for the period of tranquility that is enjoyed in the area, after 12 years of civil war; Since this area was one of the main scenes of great battles. This route is made up of sites that have now been transformed into peaceful surroundings full of natural beauty, with crystalline rivers, waterfalls and ideal camping and hiking sites.

The route of La Paz is located in the department of Morazán and includes a varied number of towns. The department of Morazán is located in the eastern zone of El Salvador; Its departmental head is San Francisco Gotera, that is to 167 kms of the city of San Salvador.

Here we mix the culture of our ancestors and their indigenous traditions, with recent history and the adventure of living directly with nature; All in an environment where you can breathe peace and tranquility.

This route offers the opportunity to know the contemporary history of El Salvador, the cultural roots inherited from the ancient indigenous settlers of Lenca origin. The towns that integrate the route of the Peace own traditions very rooted of their ancestors inhabitants, which can be appreciated in the daily life of the inhabitants of these towns.

It can not be overlooked mentioning that on the Peace Route you can enjoy a pleasant environment of nature, pure air, crystalline streams and springs; In addition, of the abundant vegetation of the high parts of Morazán.

Members of this route are: Perquín, Arambala, Joateca, Cacaopera, Corinto, Jocoaitique, Meanguera, San Fernando, Torola, Delicias de la Concepción, Guatajiagua.

by: Rutas de El Salvador

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