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About El Salvador

“Painful and bloody is his story, But exalted and brilliant at the same time, Source of legitimate glory, Great lesson of spartan haughtiness. Do not faint in his innate bravery, In each man there is an immortal hero Who will know to keep up with his old Proverbial value “.
General Juan Jose Cañas

Get an idea of Salvadoran culture, which is based on the notions of “fair treatment”, love outdoors and a sense of humor. More information about Salvadorans – our indigenous culture, our legendary folk heroes, the heroes of today and the diverse nationalities that make up modern Salvadoran society.

History of El Salvador

The history of El Salvador has passed through various periods, which have marked its current economic, political and social status. Before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors to American lands, the territory was inhabited by diverse amerindian towns that already had formed sophisticated social orders; With conquest, syncretism and subjugation take center stage until, at that time, the Province of San Salvador, acquired its independence from the Spanish Empire, obtaining its character of State in 1859.

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Culture of El Salvador

In El Salvador there are different types of typical costumes, in which most are used in different festivities, although there are some villages that still use these. In the female costume it is common to see elements such as a scapular, a shawl, a cloth and different colored ornaments, and cotton cloth. And may be with a skirt and a blouse, or a dress, sandals are worn on the footwear.

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Geography of El Salvador

It is the smallest country in Central America. It is the only Central American country without coast on the Caribbean Sea. The terrain is mostly mountainous with a narrow coastal belt and central plateau. Its coastline extends from the mouth of the Paz river, to the southwest, to the river Goascorán, to the southeast.

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